Hacking Wi-Fi Is Child’s Play! - Amaric Joke

Hacking Wi-Fi is child’s play! 7-year-old shows how easy it is to break into a public network in less than 11 MINUTES

  • Experts predict a rise in criminals hacking ‘free Wi-Fi’ in 2015
  • To highlight the dangers, a virtual private network provider asked a seven-year-old to hack a network
  • The child watched an online tutorial before hacking into the Wi-Fi hotspot
  • It took her just 10 minutes and 54 seconds to infiltrate the network 

A seven-year-old broke into a Wi-Fi hotspot in just 10 minutes and 54 seconds after watching an online video tutorial.

The ethical hacking demo was carried out under the supervision of an online security expert to highlight just how vulnerable the networks are.

Experts predict that attacks on free, public Wi-Fi networks will rise in 2015.

An investigation by 5 News earlier this week found that hackers can force customers in a café to switch their phones from a legitimate Wi-Fi network to a fake one, without them knowing.


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