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'My Face Melted' China's Elephant Man Body Bizarre Amazing

A 37-year-old man from China is looking forward to leading a 'normal life' after having major surgery to remove the world's biggest facial tumour.

Huang Chuncai from Hunan Province had a 25kg growth which hung down to his waist, meaning he could barely move, eat or sleep.

 NIcknamed 'China's Elephant Man,' he had the worst-recorded case of Neurofibromatosis, a rare condition which caused excessive cell growth and tumours that melted Huang’s face.

 The condition was left untreated for 30 years, because his parents were too poor, but - following a media frenzy in 2007 - he was offered major facial surgery by the Chinese Government.

 Doctors at Fuda Cancer Hospital weren’t convinced that surgery was possible due to the size of the tumour, but they managed to remove 21kg of the growth during four life-changing operations over seven years.

“I was shocked, I had never seen a tumour as big as Haung’s on a human body," said Dr Wu Binghui.

“I was completely overwhelmed. The tumour was huge and full of blood. It would flow out when you cut it.”

Huang is now looking forward to living a normal life.

“I feel really good, this time my face feels even better – much lighter and it’s easier to eat," he said.

“I hope I can do some work and earn some money – I will be helping to run our local shop.

“I don’t look as scary as before now my tumour is much smaller.”

Source - TLC 


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