Leopard 'Befriends' Impala: Unusual Predator - Amaric Joke

Most impalas run for their lives at the sight of a leopard but this plucky youngster snuck in for an affectionate embrace instead. 

The unlikely friendship between the hunter and its prey was captured in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The impala nuzzles the big cat's nose and mouth, and even when its new friend gets a little rough, it shows no signs of running off. 

The encounter was filmed by game ranger Estiaan Houy, 31, while out on safari with British and American guests.

He said: 'In all my years of being a game ranger I have never seen such an encounter, nor do I ever expect to see a repeat of it again.

'I felt amazed and honoured to see such a rare and unexplainable sighting.

'The impala at no stage showed any signs of distress or fear. Every time the leopard would playfully interact with the baby impala, it would return to the leopard and either sniff its face or push its head against the leopard's face.

'A few times the impala would jump away from the leopard and, true to cat form, the leopard would pull it back closer with its claws.'

Mr Houy said young leopards sometimes play with their prey due to a lack of killing experience, and believes this may explain the odd encounter.

Source: BTV 

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